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Android Studio 2.0 Beta Now Available, Promises To Speed Up App Development

Android Studio 2.0 Beta Now Available, Promises To Speed Up App Development

Android Studio has been a mainstay for Android app developers ever since Google dropped support for Eclipse late in 2014. Based on the IntelliJ IDEA development environment by Jetbrains, Google’s adaptation has been released in beta form for its second major revision. Android Studio 2.0 beta promises to shorten your development time with new features such as an overhauled Android emulator and “Instant Run” which allows you to view code changes instantly in your emulator without having to recompile each time. The full changelog from Android Developers follows:

  • *Updated for Beta* Instant Run – Enables a faster code edit & app deployment cycle.
  • *Updated for Beta* Android Emulator Brand new emulator that is faster than most real devices, and includes a brand new user interface.
  • *Updated for Beta* Google App Indexing Integration & Testing – Adding App Indexing into your app helps you re-engage your users. In the first preview of Android Studio 2.0 you could add indexing code stubs into your code. With the beta release you can now test and validate your URL links in your app all within the IDE.
  • Fast ADB – Installing and pushing files is now up to 5x faster using Android Studio 2.0 with an updated Android Debug Bridge (ADB) offered in platform-tools 23.1.0.
  • GPU Profiler Preview – For graphics intensive applications, you can now visually step through your OpenGL ES code to optimize your app or game
  • Integration of IntelliJ 15 – Android Studio is based on the efficient coding platform of Intellij. Check out the new features from IntelliJ here.

Along with the changelog, Android Developers provided the following introductory video playlist:

Although there have been preview builds for Android Studio 2.0 for a while now, the announcement of a beta release indicates the latest update may be stable enough for you to use as your production environment as opposed to just a testing one. If you’re running Android Studio 1.5.1 or one of the preview builds you should be prompted to install the beta as long as your installation isn’t set to only check the stable channel for updates.

You can read more about Android Studio 2.0 Beta on the Android Developers site.

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