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Alleged HTC One M10 Photos Hit The Web

Alleged HTC One M10 Photos Hit The Web

As MWC approaches we’re learning more and more about this year’s lineup of flagship smartphones and tonight we’ve got a fresh look at HTC’s upcoming One M10. After the One M9, HTC has some seriously ground to make up and in a change of pace, we haven’t heard much about their next smartphone.

Small leaks have come out here and there hinting at aspects of the design, but now we have the first image of the device. According to @evleaks on Twitter, the image seen below is the front of the M10.

If this looks familiar, you’re probably comparing it to either an iPhone, or the HTC One A9 (or both to be honest). The device has a strong resemblance to Apple’s hardware from the front just as the A9 did, but of course things could be different by the time this device actually launches.

@evleaks has a pretty solid record in getting his leaks correct, but he’s been wrong before. It’s entirely possible that we could be getting an entirely different phone when HTC makes their official announcement, but if this is what we are getting, what are your thoughts?

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