Mr Phone Is Your New Smartphone Encyclopedia

As members of the Tech community like we are, I’m sure most of us are people’s go-to for information concerning new phones, ‘which is better’, etc. I know if anyone has a question about a phone in my family, I’m the first person they ask, surprisingly though I don’t know EVERYTHING about mobile devices — a lot of times I can just Google a lot faster than they can ask questions. Now, thanks to ‘Mr Phone’ I have a central hub for any information they can ask.

Mr Phone is a recently created app, similar to a few we’ve seen before, that provides information about any smartphone you can think of — iOS, Android, or Windows. The app is actually very beautifully made, fully material designed and all. You can find information for either one phone or compare two phones to each other. One thing to note is that the comparison doesn’t give a definitive score at the end, it just provides information, you still have to decides who wins whatever you’re looking to compare.

The specs that Mr Phone provides are most of the same general specs you’d look for when finding out details about a phone: display, processor information, price, etc. What shocked me a little was having density on the list as well, while not including availability somewhat surprised me — I guess it’d be a lot of information to have to find out, especially for different areas of the world.

For a nice looking app that can either answer those random questions you get about some particular device in the middle of the night, or save for you from having to sit and search for ‘what is the best phone ever’ for your neighbor that still has the Moto StarTAC, give Mr Phone a try. It’s free on the Play Store and is getting a steady stream of updates to make it perfect.

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