Talon For Twitter 4.0 Brings Some Tablet Love, Improved Quick Tweet Actions

Klinker Apps, famous for Evolve SMS, Blur Launcher, Sliding Emoji Keyboard and, incidentally, Talon for Twitter recently released a fourth major version update for the latter, bringing an improved tablet layout and an improved quick tweet actions chooser among other things.

The idea behind the more compact floating quick tweet actions chooser is to let you choose to retweet, “like” or reply to a tweet without leaving your timeline view. Improvements to the tablet layout include a dual-column home view while in landscape view. My only quibble is that I had to put my 2013 Nexus 7 in portrait mode to access the settings menu, but once I did so I was able to customize which columns appear by default in my home view (I chose the main timeline and a list I had made of Android news resources).

The full changelog from Luke Klinker’s announcement in Google+ follows:

– Tablets in landscape mode now display 2 timelines at a time instead of one (see screenshot)
– Quick actions on tweets without expanding tweets or leaving the timeline
– Much improved tablet layouts
– Quicker account switching
– Few more activity transitions on Lollipop+
– Style updates for the navigation drawer
– Favorite user notifications no longer require “Home Timeline Notifications” to be turned on

Talon for Twitter is available for $3.99 in the Play Store

Talon for Twitter is available for $3.99 in the Play Store

Source: +Luke Klinker
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