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1ByOne Car Jump Starter and Battery Pack

1ByOne Car Jump Starter and Battery Pack

Battery packs usually serve one purpose – provide power for your device. But some battery packs beat other by shear competence. This is the 1ByOne Car Jump Starter and Battery Pack, something I think you should really consider having for your car.


So many things can happen all the time. Imagine this: your car won’t start and your phone is dead. That isn’t a good situation AT ALL. But if you had a battery pack, you could charge your phone and call emergency services. That’s great, but add a car jump starter to that and you now don’t have to call emergency service, or flag down passer-bys to get a lift. That’s exactly what the 1ByOne jump starter is for.


The starter claims to have capability of going up to 1000 cycles of starts. It also claims to put off a low discharge for safe starts. The battery packs 9,000 mAh and will most likely last you a good while.

It doesn’t charge over USB, instead it charges over a one amp wall plug. That isn’t really an inconvenience for me, so it’s all well and good. Something I do like about this battery pack is the ruggedness. It fits right into your trunk and has a portable case for carrying which makes it perfect for throwing in your car and not worrying about it too much.


Even though this battery pack is a little on the pricy side, it still might be worth checking out. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in a situation where you’ll really need this!

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