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AOKP ROM Is Back In Action With A Marshmallow Update!

AOKP ROM Is Back In Action With A Marshmallow Update!

“Is this real life, or is this fantasy…” Do my eyes deceive me? One of the most popular ROMs  of yesteryear, and a huge alternative to Cyanogenmod, AOKP is scheduled to be coming back soon. I know this was a lot of people’s favorite ROM as it was mine, so hearing word of its return put butterflies in my stomach.

We got word of its return earlier this week from Team Kang member ChampionSwimmer. He recounted the fact that the ROM hit the height of its popularity around the Android 4.3 era, while their last real ROM was during 4.4’s time. He also says that Team Kang has picked up a few new members: stelix, zeeshan and akhil.narang, also Roman and some other vets are returning to pick up the ROM from where it was left.

ChampionSwimmer also took time to say that some devices are already building and available for you to build at home, including (but not limited to) bullhead [Nexus 5x], mako [Nexus 4], and the oneplus2. He states that the ROM is up to date as far as version, using the AOSP 6.0.1_r13. source code. Currently AOKP is based on CM13, with some features brought over from other ROMs, but he did mention that ROM Control was back so that you can apply the smaller, personal tweaks to your device.

I’m very excited that AOKP is coming back to the scene, it may be the first ROM that I try on my Nexus 6P and the first that I’ve tried in almost 2 years. How do you feel about AOKP revival?



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