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Caseology Case for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Review

Caseology Case for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Review

In my own opinion, the S6 Edge Plus looks pretty good. I even like the gold variant. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should leave it uncovered. Accidents tend to happen whether you want them to or not. To reduce the risk of destroying my Edge Plus, I got the Caseology case for the Edge Plus.

The Caseology case looks pretty cool and has a nice feel to it. A lot of cases don’t feel too great or have a bulk you don’t want. That isn’t the “case” with this one. When designing a case for the S6 Edge, there’s an obvious issue, the edge. I would imagine getting the edge just right for the S6 would be a little difficult. But I have to say, they nailed it. It feels good and I have no issue sliding from the side of the phone and using it to it’s full potential.


On the back lies a design made of rubber that runs horizontal and feels kind of cool. Around the rubber is a plastic in a golden color and looks pretty good. Even though the aesthetics are nice, I still felt confident that the case would protect the device with ease. This would definitely be a good case for you if you still want the style with the S6 Edge Plus.

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