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Cheero Danboard MicroUSB/Lightning USB Cable Review

Cheero Danboard MicroUSB/Lightning USB Cable Review

Have you ever had a friend in the car and they needed to charge up there phone? But wait, they have an iPhone, and you’ve got an Android. What now? They’ve got an entirely different charging port! Thankfully Cheero has an option available to help out with their microUSB/Lightning USB cable.

To give you both adapters in one package, this cable houses a lightning adapter at the end which is attached to the cable. You simply remove it to access the microUSB port or place it on to use for charging Apple devices.


This braided cable is available in a variety of different lengths ranging from 0.32ft (10cm) all the way up to 6ft (180cm). This cable is durable and has a unique dual-tone brown design which looks pretty nice in my opinion. The one I used is a 25cm cable and I tend to use it most at my desk with my TYLT Energi Charging Station.


As a nice touch, the USB A end has the Danboard mascot’s face on it. His “eyes” light up red when nothing is plugged in,and yellow when a device is charging.

This cable is available on Amazon ranging from $19.99 to $21.99 in price and available with Prime shipping. If you’re interested in picking one up, check out the link below!

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