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The HTC M10 Could Have The Same Camera Optics As The Nexus 6P, But With OIS

The HTC M10 Could Have The Same Camera Optics As The Nexus 6P, But With OIS

Cameras are a huge deal in smartphones right now, and with everyone ramping up their offering, HTC has been way behind the pack. A huge reason why they’ve been struggling to sell their devices, like the One M9, is because of the not-so-great cameras. However that may finally change with the upcoming One M10.

LlabTooFeR on Twitter revealed last night that the One M10 would carry the exact same camera sensor as the Nexus 6P, the Sony IMX377. This 12MP sensor has larger 1.55um pixels that are able to capture more light in darker areas. As seen on this year’s crop of Nexus smartphones, this camera sensor is capable of taking some seriously impressive shots in nearly any situation. However it has one fatal flaw, no image stabilization.

On the One M10 however, it looks like HTC is picking up the slack by including OIS on their sensor. Combined with the already impressive low light capabilities of this sensor, it’s likely that HTC could have a winner on it’s hands with this camera, not to mention the added benefits when shooting video. This also lines up with the rumors we’ve been hearing about the return of Ultrapixels.

As of right now things are looking pretty good for HTC’s next device, however they need to nail the software in order to make it truly great, something they haven’t been great at in the past. Let’s hope HTC can deliver this year. Are you looking forward to the One M10? Let us know in the comments below!

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