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No, This Video Does Not Show That The Galaxy S7 Edge Is Water Resistant [UPDATED]

No, This Video Does Not Show That The Galaxy S7 Edge Is Water Resistant [UPDATED]

A leaked product video for the Galaxy S7 Edge has been going around this morning with one scene that has been grabbing everyone’s attention. Around the 0:29 second mark in the video below, you can see the Galaxy S7 being held in a heavy rainstorm. At first glance this would of course lead us to believe that the phone has some level of water resistance, however that is not the case.

Samsung makes this very clear is the video’s description where it says the following:

*The scene in the video is for dramatization purposes only. This product is not water resistant and it should not be exposed to and/or submerged into water/liquid.

Sorry everyone, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the S7 won’t be water resistant. However the video does reveal a couple of positives.

First off we get confirmation of the new silver color that leaked last week and yeah, it’s pretty gorgeous. We also get confirmation that like the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the S7 will include fast wireless charging. It is unknown however if this will be Samsung’s own method of fast wireless charging or the official version of fast Qi charging.

The Galaxy S7 will be announced later this week ahead of MWC 2016, are you looking forward to it?

Update: Other references to the Galaxy S7 being water resistant (since removed) on Samsung’s website leads up to believe that the S7 could include the feature. What is seen in the video is possibly the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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  1. Edward Smith

    Okay, so they posted a warning. What about the marketing photo at the top of the web site where the phone is completely under water with bubbles?