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Todoist Makes It Debut On Windows 10 Mobile

Todoist Makes It Debut On Windows 10 Mobile

Todoist, my personal favorite service for task management, has finally found its way to Windows Phone. After launching on Windows 10 on the desktop recently, the universal app is finally available for download on Windows 10 Mobile devices.

The app is currently only available as a preview, so expect bugs, lots of bugs. More features and design tweaks will also be coming in the near future through updates.

“Over the years, many loyal users have requested a Todoist app for their Windows phones. That’s why we felt strongly about releasing a full-featured, mobile version now rather than later. That said, our top priority right now continues to be creating the best experience possible for larger screen sizes.

At this point in time, we aren’t able to invest as much energy into polishing the mobile experience as we’d like. Currently, the mobile version doesn’t include swipe interactions on tasks, and the app will be slower on phones when compared to the experience on desktop/tablet. Nevertheless, we hope to improve the experience for our Windows phone users in the future.”

If you’re interested in checking out the new app, hit the source link below to download it for yourself.

Get it from the Windows Store

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