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What I Want To See In The Galaxy S7

What I Want To See In The Galaxy S7

Samsung is prepping to announce the Galaxy S7 tomorrow from Barcelona and after multiple teases on what the device will bring to the table, we have a pretty decent idea of what to expect. After using last year’s Galaxy S6, there are a few things I want to see changed in the S7. Here they are, at least the ones that are still realistic at this point.

4. A Better Speaker

It’s 2016. Samsung. Please tell me that you’ve gotten the message this point that phones need good speakers. While many of us use headphones for a lot of different things, a good speaker setup is still extremely important. While OEMs like Motorola and Huawei are getting the picture that speakers belong on the front, Samsung still hasn’t learned that they belong there. On the S6 we had a single speaker on the bottom of the phone and the Galaxy S7 looks like it will do the same. However that doesn’t mean Samsung can’t improve it. There are a number of ways to do so. They could make it louder and crisper, they could adjust the position a bit to keep users from covering it. However the easiest way to make things better would be to include stereo speakers. Whether that’s one on the bottom and one on the top, or even just two on the bottom, stereo speakers would be a huge upgrade.

3. More Grip, Less Fingerprints

My biggest problem on last year’s Galaxy S6 was the glass build. Sure, it looks great, but holy mother of fingerprints. If “fingerprint magnet” was listed in the dictionary, the Galaxy S6 would be pictured right next to it. Not only did that make the design a bit less aesthetically pleasing (not to mention a killer for OCD), it also made the phone slick if you hadn’t cleaned it in a while.

I don’t know how Samsung will fix this in the S7, or if they even plan to do so, but the Galaxy S7 needs to provide more grip and collect way less fingerprints.

2. Lighter Software

Looking back in Samsung’s past on the Galaxy S lineup, the software has gotten continually better, with the S6 bringing the best iteration yet. That said, it’s still pretty bad. The software still takes up way too much memory out of the box and it starts getting bogged down way too quickly. Samsung, you need to lighten up your software a bit more. We don’t need a million and 1 (or 20 ) features on this phone. Just give us the things we’ll actually use and make those perfect.



I take back one of my previous statements. My biggest problem with the S6 wasn’t the glass back, it was the horrible battery life. When a phone in 2015 couldn’t last a full day of light use without being plugged in, it was pretty darn clear something was wrong. Whether it was the software or just the sheer size of the battery, the S6 had some serious battery issues.

In the Galaxy S7, Samsung needs to fix this. Make the phone a little thicker guys, add some extra power. With the added battery improvements in Android Marshmallow, the phone shouldn’t have too much trouble getting through a day, but it needs to have the ability to do so without those added improvements in the first place.

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