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What I Want To See In The LG G5

What I Want To See In The LG G5

The LG G5 is just a few short hours from it’s unveiling in Barcelona and with plenty of leaks giving us information, we’ve got a decent idea of what to expect. After releasing the LG G4 last year, one of my personal favorites for the entire year, what do I want to see LG improve on this time around?

Better Build Quality

Rumor has it that the LG G5 is finally going to be LG’s first all-metal flagship, and that’s great. After the LG G4 released as a plastic phone in a world of metal, metal, glass, and more metal, it felt a bit odd to use a flagship phone made of plastic. While the leather backs did a great job of making a lot of that up, metal was still sorely missed. The all-metal build that is expected to debut on the G5 will be a welcome addition and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to all year.


A Fingerprint Sensor

One thing that I simply couldn’t figure out on the LG G4 was the lack of a fingerprint sensor. After Samsung did it in the S5 and the S6, I felt like LG would also hop on board, however that didn’t happen until the LG V10 launched. However in today’s market it would be unacceptable for LG to skip this huge feature yet again. Luckily the leaks point toward the inclusion of this feature.

Trimmed Down Software

One of the biggest hindrances LG has faced is in terms of software. You either love LG’s take on Android, or you really, really hate it. Personally I do quite enjoy using it, but they need to take the time to kill some of the features that nobody uses and clean things up a little bit. LG has a tendency to go way over the top in terms of features and design, so if they tone things back just a bit, I’d be pretty happy.


With the rumored all-metal body on the LG G5, it’s highly unlikely my favorite charging method, wireless, will make an appearance. However LG can easily fix that with USB C. This new standard features a reversible port and faster charging speeds along with a plethora of other great updates. USB C is the future. Adopt it LG!

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