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OPPO’s New Fast Charging Tech Can Charge Your Phone In Just 15 Minutes

OPPO’s New Fast Charging Tech Can Charge Your Phone In Just 15 Minutes

Quick Charging is the trend to beat in today’s smartphone world, and now it just got even better thanks to OPPO. At MWC this week the company has announced their latest fast charging technology, Super VOOC. This variation on the company’s previous VOOC fast charging technology promises to charge faster than the previous version, and even fast than Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

Super VOOC promises to charge a 2,500 mAh battery (think about the size of the Galaxy S6) in just 15 minutes. That’s it. While current fast charging standards still need around an hour to fill up, Super VOOC is charging at what I’m basically going to look at as lightspeed. How does it work?

Essentially Super VOOC uses a low-voltage pulse-charge system which somehow delivers insane charging speeds. OPPO didn’t really get into the exact details. However you will need a new customized battery in your device, and the specialized charger, adapter, and cable.

The benefits to Super VOOC are also pretty impressive. Aside from the insane speeds, this technology is also capable of using both microUSB and USB C. Since it also uses a low voltage, the technology isn’t prone to overheating and temperature spikes like other methods are.

OPPO hasn’t given a specfic timeline on when we’ll see this technology on the market, but they have confirmed that “Super VOOC has already reached the final stages of reliability testing.” They expect to get this technology into consumer products in the near future.

Source: OPPO

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