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Sony Hints That The Xperia X Lineup Might Replace The Z Line

Sony Hints That The Xperia X Lineup Might Replace The Z Line

Over the past three years, Sony has released 5 generations of their famous Z line. From the original Z to today’s Xperia Z5, the company has done some great work with these phones, however they’ve never seen a tremendous amount of success with them. Blame that on what you will, but it looks like the company might be giving up that line up entirely in favor of the recently announced X line.

This smartphone line caught everyone a bit off guard, especially with the high-end “X Performance” packing specs more powerful than the Xperia Z5. However things are starting to make a bit more sense now. According to a comment from Sony’s German branch over on Facebook, the company is not planning to release an Xperia Z6 and will rather continue pushing the new X line.

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“Hi Sarah, a Z6 will not exist. The new X series is under a modified concept that meets the needs of our users even more accessible. You can of course still rely on the latest technology in our smartphones – which has nothing to do with the name.”

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Sony has, of course, not officially confirmed this news, however it does seem likely, at least in my eyes. With a modified design and more options in terms of specifications and price, Sony might have a better line on their hands with this new X lineup.

Will you be sad to see the Xperia Z line disappear? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Facebook

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