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Google And Vizio Reportedly Are Building The Chromecast Into New TVs

Google And Vizio Reportedly Are Building The Chromecast Into New TVs

In this day and age, TV is not what it used to be. Gone are the day of channel surfing, replaced by scrolling page after page on Netflix. TV manufacterers have done a lot to combat that by getting smart TVs onto the market, however those are expensive. With Google’s Chromecast, millions have been able to enjoy a smart TV experience for a fraction of the cost. However now Google and Vizio are reportedly working together to build the Chromecast experience directly into new TVs.

While this might not give the same bang for buck as a standard Chromecast, it will definitely provide an easier experience for viewers as most smart TV interfaces are pretty difficult to use. Variety reports:

[Google] has partnered with TV manufacturer Vizio on a series of new TV sets that offer Chromecast-like functionality out of the box,Variety has learned from multiple sources familiar with the collaboration

The new line of TVs, which could become available as early as this spring, won’t feature any traditional smart TV apps. Instead, they will function just like Google’s Chromecast streaming adapter, offering consumers the ability to watch online services like Netflix and Hulu on their TV sets, but with the streaming initiating from mobile devices.

While this is all well and good, the questrion begs to be answered why Android TV isn’t being built into these TVs. Despite low sales, Google has been actively supporting the platform and has built it into TVs before with Sony and other OEMs.

Source: Variety


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