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Why LG Really Does Need To ‘Focus On Its Own Brand’

Why LG Really Does Need To ‘Focus On Its Own Brand’

In comments made at MWC 2016, an LG representative indicated that LG will not be making a successor to the Nexus 5X. Saying “LG needs to focus on its own brand,” the representative rejected the notion of taking a fourth bite at the Nexus apple, and for good reason in my opinion. 

Given that this year’s flagship promises to require a far-larger portion of the company’s resources than previous years, it’s easy to understand why they might pass on the opportunity. After all, no other major OEM has attempted to make a modular phone to the scale of what LG is attempting with its G5 flagship (project Ara and similar efforts operate on a far smaller scale and have yet to release a final product for mass consumption). The design, engineering and manufacturing requirements for the modules and far-more-elaborate-than-usual accessories will no doubt be quite taxing for the Korean company. In fact, of all the top-shelf Android manufacturers who’ve announced a 2016 flagship, only Samsung has even come close to matching the complexity of the G5’s supporting cast of accessories (I’m counting the G5’s swappable modules as accessories for comparison purposes). 


There are, of course, other possible reasons why LG is taking a pass this year, some of which are speculated upon in the aforementioned source link (for example, perhaps LG isn’t interested in playing second fiddle to Google anymore). Nevertheless, judging from the wording from the above quote and the sheer complexity of supporting hardware for the G5 alone, it seems (to me at least) that ‘LG’s own brand’ will demand far more focus than it ever has before.

As LG focuses more on its own brand, might I suggest coming up with new modules that actually add something compelling rather than simply enhancing features that should already have been better executed in the phone’s main body?

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