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Siri Might Come To OS X Later This Year

Siri Might Come To OS X Later This Year

According to a report out of 9to5Mac this morning, it looks like Siri is finally on it’s way to your Mac later this year. The report claims that Apple is finally adding the famous voice assistant to an updated version of OS X following WWDC in June.

Sources have claimed that Apple has been experimenting with Siri on OS X since as far back as 2012, however it seems they’ve finally settled on exactly how they’d like to implement things.

Apparently Apple wants to integrate Siri into the Mac Menu Bar, similar to the Spotlight search icon. A Siri icon would sit at the top corner of your screen would activate the voice features. The voice assistant would then show up in a small box in the top corner of the display. This is seen in the image above as mocked up by 9to5Mac.

Users are also rumored to have the ability to attach a keyboard shortcut to activate the functionality as well as the ability to toggle it on or off at will. There may also be an always listening mode when the computer is not running on battery power similar to the “Hey Siri” function on iPhones and iPads.

Source: 9to5Mac

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