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The OnePlus 3 Will Launch Around June With A Brand New Design

The OnePlus 3 Will Launch Around June With A Brand New Design

OnePlus is coming back again this year with plans to release the OnePlus 3 this Summer. In an interview with CNET, OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei revealed that the device would launch “at the end of the second quarter”. He also noted that the device would feature a new design he hopes will captivate users.

While last year’s OnePlus 2 did sell better than the OnePlus One, it was not as widely regarded as a great device. Pei said they he knows that first phone was a more captivating device and he wants the upcoming OnePlus 3 to give potential buyers the same feeling.

It’s possible OnePlus is planing to launch the OnePlus 3 with a similar design to the OnePlus X which launched with a premium glass and metal build rather than the plastic and metal designs found on the company’s other devices.

Pei also hinted that the invitation system might not come back this time around. With the OnePlus X the system was dropped after about 3 months, so even if the invite system does come back, it probably won’t last long.

Source: CNET

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