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Android N Might See A Redesign For The Notifications And Quick Settings

Android N Might See A Redesign For The Notifications And Quick Settings

The look and feel of Android is ever changing, in Android N the notification shade and quick settings could get a new design. Just like in Lollipop, this design is a pretty big change from previous years, however this time it makes things a bit simpler. Android Police was able to get their hands on an early look at the new design and shows it in the images below.

Note: The images below do not show screenshots direct from Android N, rather mockups based on what Android Police was shown.

A few takeaways from these mockups. First off, the full-width notifications. Rather than cutting off near the edges as in Lollipop/Marshmallow, these notifications extended to each edge of the screen in line with the quick settings at the top. There’s also less of a separation between each notification and notes on the top of the screen showing the app it came from.

The quick settings also get a coat of paint, featuring a very flat design which looks clean and minimalistic. Unlike Lollipop/Marshmallow and every other previous version of Android, a selection of quick toggles will also be available directly from the notification shade with more being revealed when the menu is pulled down. There’s also an edit button, likely using a “matured” version of the System UI tuner found in the Marshmallow update. There’s also pagination in this menu which looks as if it will allow users to add extra toggles to another page.

This is of course all based on a very early version of the upcoming OS, however with just a few months between now and Google I/O, we don’t have long to wait for confirmation on all of this.

Source: Android Police


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