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Lenovo Gaming Headset And Gaming Mouse Review

Lenovo Gaming Headset And Gaming Mouse Review

If you want to game, you are going to need a few things. Two of those things are a good headset, and a good gaming mouse. Thanks to Lenovo, it’s not that hard to decide what kind you want. That being said, I’ve spent the past couple weeks messing with the Lenovo Gaming Y series Headset and Mouse. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Y Headset

Gaming is all about being immersed. That means no outside noise and no outside distractions. Silence is key. The Y Headset is actually really good at isolating and noise at all around you. When playing at low volumes, I still had trouble intentionally hearing anything around me. On the other hand, I like to hear myself talk into a mic and with this headset, that can be a little difficult.

When it comes to the mic, from what I’ve been told by others is that the sound is alright. It isn’t the best sounding mic and it isn’t the worst. It is nice that it’s detachable, though, giving the option to play without having a wire in your face. It’s easy to put on and take off. It’s exactly like sticking an AUX cord into a speaker.

Sound in the Y Headset is very low-end oriented. It’s obvious off the bat that it’s meant for the deep roars of certain games and doesn’t get very high. Volume gets pretty high and doesn’t break at any point at high volumes. Overall, sound comes across as good in this headset.

Lenovo Ideapad y900-54

If you plan on gaming for a long time, you might want to check these out. they are extremely comfortable. That may just be my opinion, but i never started t ache around the ears at all. i had no trouble keeping them on for an extended period of time and I enjoyed wearing them.

As a plus, the sides light up with a Lenovo red in the shape of a Y, hence the name “Y”. They plug in either USB or 3.5mm jacks and have a volume rocker along with a mic mute button that glows when you press it. it’s placed comfortably at around 6 inches under you left ear. The cord is also braided for durability which is a nice plus.

Y Precision Mouse

Speed, comfort, reliability. Those are they three main things I look for in mice. So let’s look into each.

I never experienced any lag of any kind while using the mouse. I should never experience lag in a mouse because that would just be unacceptable. But since that isn’t the case, we’ll move forward. One thing I did enjoy about using this mouse is the scroll wheel. It’s fast and smooth and has a good overall feeling to it. On the top are a few different mouse speeds to choose from, although I found myself needing something somewhere in between two of them.

Lenovo Ideapad y900-47

The Y Precision mouse is shaped ergonomically, giving a comfortable feel. The body is made of a plastic and has a matte finish, so it has a nice grip and feels good to hold in the hand. The two top left buttons are a little awkwardly placed, as well as the two side buttons on the left. But after getting accustomed to them, all is well again. The mouse also has a good weight, which is in fact adjustable using tiny weights in a slot under the mouse.

The mouse is built pretty well and feels sturdy. It doesn’t have a cheap feel to it which is nice. The cord is long and braided for some extra strength.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I truly enjoyed using these two products. They make good editions to an arsenal of gaming equipment. You should consider picking them up at the links below for $69 each.

Lenovo Gaming Headset Lenovo Precision Gaming Mouse

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