The LG G5 Won’t Be Powered By A Snapdragon 820 In Latin America, Snapdragon 652 Instead

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Back before LG announced their latest flagship, leaks were flying left and right and one we saw that was, well a bit odd, was the LG H840. This device showed the same basic specs as the standard G5, but with a lower end processor under the hood.¬†Pulling a similar model number to the LG G5, it was widely expected that this was the “LG G5 Lite”, however it seems we were wrong.

LG’s sales manager for Latin America confirmed that the country won’t get a Snapdragon 820 powered G5, rather a model powered by the Snapdragon 652. The device will also lose one GB of RAM taking the total down from 4GB to 3GB, although that’s still more than enough power for 99% of users. The rest of the specs however remain the same. USB C, 16MP camera, fingerprint sensor, 5.3″ display, and the awesome removable battery.

Why the change? The (very) rough Google translation below states why LG made this decision:

“Latin American version will be the Snapdragon 652, based on the feedback we had several operators in the region to sound out alternatives accessories we had, and where VR was not very appealing.That is why, in addition to the situation of currency appreciation in our countries that savings so that the product is not [expensive]. They urged we sought and so we had a better proposal for LatAm without sacrificing performance and only potentially non – use of VR . “

So essentailly, this was a price based decision. By offering a lower-end processor, the company can provide a smooth and fluid experience without sacrificing noticeable performance. Two notes however include that this change does remove quick charging and also takes away VR capabilities.

Via: GSMArena