Satechi USB C Hub Review

1 min read

USB C is an amazing standard. “One port to rule them all”, as everyone has been saying. It is impressive what the port is capable of, but with devices like the Pixel C and 12” Macbook which are designed for productivity, yet only pack a single USB C port, how can you get back the extra ports? The answer, Satechi’s USB C hub.


This thin adapter plugs into the USB C port on your device and adds two USB 3.0 ports, SD and microSD slots, and also a USB C port for powering the device.


I tested out the hub with Google’s Pixel C with outstanding results. I was easily able to use flash drives, USB mice, and even read the SD card from my camera with ease. I didn’t even have to do it off of battery either thanks to the pass through port for charging.

The hub comes in three colors, silver, grey, and gold. The colors are designed to match Apple’s 12” Macbook, but the silver one also looks great with the Pixel C.

Overall, this is a solid buy. At $44.99 it doesn’t come super cheap, but for what it is capable of, it works incredibly well. If you’re interested in picking one up, you can do so both direct from Satechi or from Amazon at the links below.

Get it from Amazon Get it from Satechi