According to a pair of Friday Twitter leaks, the 2016 HTC flagship will shed the “One M” from its name and simply be called the HTC 10. Also leaked were the alleged specs (again), which match what most Android enthusiasts and bloggers expected: a Snapdragon 820, a QHD (2560×1440) display, 4GB RAM, a 12MP rear camera (no doubt an Ultrapixel sensor) and a USB-C port. Other than the name, most of the details about the device had been leaked or at least rumored before. Such details include an AMOLED screen, laser-assisted focus for that Ultrapixel rear camera, a design resembling the iPhone, a return to capacitive navigation buttons, the loss of the two front-facing BoomSound speakers and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the physical home button.

While the famous @Onleaks tweeted pictures of a prototype unit, the even more famous @evleaks tweeted pictures of the alleged final chassis design. It’ll be interesting to see how the final product compares to the leaks (I suspect the leaks will turn out to be accurate). I’ll personally be interested to learn how (or if) HTC will compensate for the loss of the front-facing speakers and whether the new onboard speaker(s) will pump out the same sound quality. According to another of @Onleaks’ tweets, HTC will retain the BoomSound branding and Dolby Audio for the phone’s internal speakers (at least in “music mode”).

On another note, it’s unfortunate (in my opinion at least) that HTC decided to ditch the on-screen navigation bar once again in favor of capacitive Back and Recents buttons and a physical home button (albeit with a fingerprint sensor which I’d have preferred to see on the back).

  • It looks like all the flagships from Samsung, Moto, and HTC combined.