Dirty Unicorns Releases Source Code for Fling, Pulse and SmartBar

Ever since Dirty Unicorns first released its official Marshmallow build, the team has promised to release previously-private source code for its most popular new features, including Fling, SmartBar and Pulse. They did so Sunday, allowing developers of other custom ROMs to include these features (with the understanding that appropriate credit will be given).

Developers from certain popular ROMs have already indicated their intention to include such features into their builds so if Dirty Unicorns isn’t your cup of tea, your favorite custom ROM may soon include these features. By way of review, Fling is a gesture-based navigation bar that can double as a mini-launcher, SmartBar is a fully-customizable navigation bar that can also be used as a mini-launcher, and Pulse is a music visualizer that also resides in the navigation bar area.

One of the best aspects of Android is that custom ROMs can be developed to begin with, and most independent developers and non-OEM dev teams keep their features open-source. Consequently, many of the most popular features proliferate among many different ROMs, whose developers often make their own contributions to the community at large. AOKP, OmniROM, SlimROMs, Paranoid Android and CyanogenMod among others have long contributed original features to the development community, which most other ROMs include.

If you’re a ROM developer who wishes to include these features, the team provides the following instructions:

This is the straight source


You’ll need the utils library for all sorts of supporting stuff


And you’ll need history in Settings and DU-Tweaks

You’ll also need these to adapt to open source compile




There’s more fwb needed for Pulse visualizer lock api but I’ll let you guys sort that out for now. If any is feeling bold, feel free to do a full write up in the Porting section. Have fun!

Source: Dirty Unicorns
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