Google Now On Tap Can Now Give You Information Based On What Your Camera Sees

Google Now on Tap can be extremely powerful and useful, however that’s not going to stop Google from trying to make it better. Recently they have updated the service with OCR capabilities, or the ability to recognize characters from nothing more than an image, whether that’s one you previously took or one that you are currently taking.

This functionality is still in its very early stages, so don’t be shocked if it doesn’t work every time. Keep in mind that this won’t identify objects, just text. A note from my own testing, it only seems to work when the device is in portrait mode. Of course you’ll also need to be using Android Marshmallow in order to use this.


To use this, simply launch your camera app, point it at a sign, business card, book, etc (basically anything with legible text), and then activate Google Now on Tap. From there you’ll be presented with relevant cards such as appropriate Google searches, phone numbers, or relevant web pages. One of my tests was with a business card and there it pulled up the company, phone number, and the company’s address.

Is this functionality working for you? Does it make Google Now on Tap seem more useful to you? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Android Police
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