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Google Discounts The Pixel C By $150 For Developers

Google Discounts The Pixel C By $150 For Developers

To assist in helping developers work on new apps for Android N, Google is offering a $150 discount on the tablet for developers. In order to get the discount you’ll need to register for a unique code at this URL. Do note however that it looks like this deal might only be for the 64GB model, meaning you’ll end up paying $450 when all is said and done.

There are some great new features in Android N like split-screen for using multiple apps at once. So for a limited time, we’re offering developers 25% off one Pixel C tablet, so you can test your apps on a high resolution display, a powerful Nvidia X1 processor, and the optional keyboard.

You’ll be able to run preview system images of Android N (including the new split-screen feature) on your Pixel C. Just sign up below to receive updates from the Pixel team, and we’ll email you back with a unique discount code to be used on the Google Store.

While the retail pricing on the Pixel C is tad high in most users’ opinion, this definitely helps ease the pain. At $450 (or $350 if Google decides to discount the 32GB model), the Pixel C becomes a very appealing tablet for the price, falling under even it’s younger brother, the Nexus 9.

If you’re a developer who is interested in buying, hit up the link down below.

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