Google’s Latest Nexus 5X Update Promises Performance Fixes [UPDATE: Nexus 6P Too]

If you’re a Nexus 5X owner, there’s one thing you’ve undoubtedly learn, this phone has some seriously weird performance hiccups. One moment you’re chugging long just fine, another you’re at a dead stop. However Google is finally trying to fix it in a new update.

The update, MHC19J, includes fixes for performance bugs caused by the camera and also includes improvements to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, both of which users reported issues with choppy performance after extended use periods. There are also some miscellaneous carrier-related fixes included.

Of course the latest March Security Patches are also included and the update is rolling out now, so keep an eye on your notifications.

Update 3/10: Google has also announced that a similar update is also available for the Nexus 6P under the build MHC19I.

Via: Reddit Via: Reddit (2)
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