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Adoptable Storage Isn’t Gone Forever On The Galaxy S7, Here’s How You Can Enable It

Adoptable Storage Isn’t Gone Forever On The Galaxy S7, Here’s How You Can Enable It

In their 2016 flagship, Samsung has answered the cries of many enthusiasts by bringing back the microSD card slot, however in doing so, they aren’t giving users full advantage of some great new features.

Baked with Android Marshmallow, which comes out of the box on the Galaxy S7, is a feature called adoptable storage. When activated this feature allows the device to treat external memory, like an SD card, like it’s internal storage. What does that mean? Basically you can use that extra 16, 32, 128 or how ever many GB is available on your SD card for your apps, photos, or anything else your heart desires.

Samsung (and LG) disabled this feature out of the box on the S7, however it seems they didn’t do anything a skilled developer couldn’t crack. Modder Paul “MoDaCo” O’Brien has figured out how to re-enable the feature, and it’s actually pretty easy, assuming you have some basic ADB skills. This isn’t for the average joe, but for more advanced users (who, let’s be honest are the only ones who will really care about this feature), this should be a breeze.

To start the process, you’re going to need to backup your SD card as it will be formatted through doing this. It’s also worth noting that you should use a speedy card if you want a seamless transition between files and apps stored on the device’s actual internal storage compared to the SD card. I’d recommend something from Samsung’s own Evo+ series, perhaps this 64GB option.

From here I’ll let you head over to MoDaCo’s own tutorial where he explains the process step-by-step.

How To Enable Adoptable Storage On The Galaxy S7 (MoDaCo)

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