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Satechi Dual Sonic Conical 2.0 Speakers Review

Satechi Dual Sonic Conical 2.0 Speakers Review

Regardless of what computer you have, odds are you’re going to need a decent set of speakers. However if you’re on a budget, a stylish set of speakers that actually sound good can be hard to find. Thanks to Satechi however, you get the best of both worlds, without breaking the bank.

The Satechi Dual Conical 2.0 speakers are powered by USB and play audio from a 3.5mm jack. This makes them perfect for use with a basic PC setup, or even something like your smartphone. Personally I set these up on either side of my monitor to get a good stereo effect. However I did give them a quick test with a Chromecast Audio, and the results were spectacular.

As far as looks go, these look great. They fit in well with any desk setup, particularly if it’s made up of mostly white elements. Seeing as mine is, these were a perfect fit. They look great resting on either side of my monitor and they don’t take up a ton of room either.

In terms of sound quality, these are surprisingly good. The $30 price point probably wouldn’t have you expecting much, but these are good. They won’t blow your mind, but they get the job done well. I thoroughly enjoy streaming music on Spotify, watching TV, or playing games with these speakers. If you place them correctly, they are even capable of providing a very immersive stereo sound.

As I mentioned, these aren’t speakers designed to blow your mind. They are made to be inexpensive, stylish, and “pretty good” in the sound quality department. Overall, they deliver and are well worth the price point. At the end of the day I really don’t have any complaints about them. If you’re interested in picking up a pair, check out the link below.

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