GoGroove BlueSYNC RGD Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Review

2 min read

When summertime rolls around, one of my favorite things to do is go swimming in the pool. It’s a great way to relax for a few minutes after a long day at the office, but like everything else, it’s better with music. Usually I’m a little wary of bringing my phone anywhere near water and I don’t even really like bringing a speaker nearby either. However thanks to GoGroove, that’s a thing of the past.

With their rugged bluetooth speaker, I can now take a speaker down to the pool without any worry of losing it. This IPX4 rated speaker is resistant to water and dust (as long as you close all the ports) so it can take a splash, spill, or even a quick dunk in the water. You can even take it in the shower with you if you want.


The speaker also features a shock-absorbent outer layer made from a silicon material. While it doesn’t feel “premium” by any means, it gets the job done in protecting this speaker from a drop or two, or several.

Sound quality from the speaker is also pretty solid. Things don’t sound amazing, but for the price tag I was happy. What’s great is the volume. You can easily use this at a pool party to hear over a crowd. Perhaps my favorite part however is the volume dial which rests on top of the speaker. I mean, come on, how could you not love a classic volume dial?


Another highlight is the buttons along the side which provide easy remote access to play/pause and skip controls for your music. There’s even a microphone for taking calls.

GoGroove says that this speaker will get about 8 hours worth on streaming on a charge and in my testing that seems accurate. Over the couple weeks I tested out the speaker, I only had to charge it a single time. When it is time to charge, simply open up the bottom flap and plug in a microUSB cable.

For the $29.99 price tag that this speaker carries, you get a heck of a great device for the money. It’s not the best speaker in the world in terms of sound quality, but it’s water resistant, tough, and for the price I can’t really complain. If you’re interested in picking one up, hit up the link down below.

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