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OnePlus Releases A New Gallery App, Exclusive For The OnePlus 2

OnePlus Releases A New Gallery App, Exclusive For The OnePlus 2

Odds are you take quite a few pictures everyday on your smartphone. Regardless of which one you own, the cameras in our devices just continue to get better, and in an effort to make it easier to take a look at those shots, OnePlus has released a new gallery app.

This new app features a “no-nonsense” design with a simple, easy to understand layout and basic editing tools for cropping, rotating, and annotating (drawing over the image). There’s also an auto-organization feature that places photos in “collections” based on their location on the phone, the time they were taken, and more.

This is a no-nonsense app, meaning you won’t find any nonessential frills or intrusive ads here. It’s perfect for everyday browsing, editing and organizing. The gallery was optimized for offline usage, so you don’t need to connect every time you feel like taking a trip down memory lane in your gallery.

For now, this app is exclusive to the OnePlus 2, but the company has confirmed that they will launch it on their other smartphones at some point, but they have yet to say when that will be. If you’re using the OnePlus 2 however, simply ensure you’re running  OxygenOS v2.2.1 and then head to the Play Store link down below to download the new app.

Get it on Google Play Source: OnePlus

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