PlayStation VR Will Be $399, Releasing In October 2016

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With the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear all releasing incredibly soon, Sony has been the last competitor to jump on the VR price/release bandwagon. After the reveal of the $599 Oculus Rift and the even more absurd $799 HTC Vive, I knew that Sony has to be competitive for their VR headset to take the advantage.

Luckily, someone at Sony was reading almost everyone’s minds. Announced by Sony at GDC 2016, the PlayStation VR will be launched at the rightly priced $399 USD ($549 CAD/€399/£349/¥44,980) in October 2016. This meshes well with what Sony was saying about the PSVR being ‘console-priced’.

The package contents will include the PlayStation VR HMD, PS4-themed processor unit, USB and HDMI cables to hook up between the three, stereo headphones for 3D audio, and AC Adapter. Strangely enough this doesn’t include the PlayStation Camera, the accessory needed for the PSVR to function. To get that as well, you’ll need to throw down an extra 60 bucks.


As for games, it’s very clear why the PSVR was pushed back to October from a first half of 2016 release. Games confirmed to be available in the launch window are RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, BattleZone, a special Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience, and PlayStation VR Worlds.

PlayStation VR Worlds is a collection of VR games/experiences including the shooters The London Heist and Scavenger Odyssey, a Wii Sports Soccer-style Dangerball, and a rather intense-looking street luge game.

Another collection of games will also be available for free to all PSVR owners, Playroom VR. This is a asymmetrical VR party game (similar in tone to NintendoLand) and actually looks pretty cool.

There will also be plenty of titles coming down the line. Currently, there are over 160 VR games in development for PSVR, with 50 of them launching in 2016. Over 230 developers are also working with the headset to incorporate it into their upcoming games. That’s on par if not exceeds what other VR companies are offering at the moment.


The entry cost is also much cheaper that other VR companies besides possible the Galaxy S7 with the Gear VR. To get in if you don’t have a PS4 will only be around $410 in the States. Not packaging the PS Camera with it feels like the New 3DS XL again. That said, it’s likely the same reason it wasn’t included in the PS4; keep costs low and competitive. While I’m not ready to jump into VR quite yet, I think that the PlayStation VR is firing on all cylinders.

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