Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge Has The Best Mobile Camera According To DxOMark

Samsung has been one of the best, if not the best, in terms of their smartphone cameras over the past couple years. With the Galaxy S6 family last year, they were crowned the king of mobile cameras thanks to the stellar 16MP camera in that device. As the year went on however, the Xperia Z5 took over. Now Samsung is back on top with the S7 Edge, topping the list with a score of 88/100.

Further breaking down that score, DxOMark gave the 12MP shooter a 90/100 in exposure and contrast, 83/100 in color, 94/100 in auto-focus, 91/100 in texture, 89/100 in noise, 79/100 in artifacts, and an 86/100 for the rear flash. What all that boils down to is a balance camera that is good across the board. In video the S7 Edge also scored very well with another 88/10, with outstanding scores across the board.


Source: DxOMark
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