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Apple Officially Announces The 4-Inch iPhone SE, Starting At $399

Apple Officially Announces The 4-Inch iPhone SE, Starting At $399

While there are a lot of big phones on the market right now, there are still plenty of users sticking faithfully to the smaller form factors. Apple is today helping those users out with the new 4″, iPhone SE. This new device, which shares the same design as the iPhone 5S, packs updated and powerful new specifications. The iPhone SE includes the new Apple A9 and M9 chips which are also found in the iPhone 6S, as well as an upgraded camera sensor. The new 12MP iSight camera includes Live Photos and 4K video recording as well. It also includes Touch ID, NFC, and Apple Pay.

The iPhone SE also features the display-powered front facing “flash”, hands-free Siri commands, and updated LTE and WiFi radios. Unfortunately however there is no 3D Touch available on this device.

Pricing on the iPhone SE starts at $399 and goes up to $499. 16GB and 64GB models are available, leaving out the higher 128GB tier. The SE is available right now, directly from Apple.

Source: Apple

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