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iOS 9.3 Is Finally Out Of Beta, Update Available Today

iOS 9.3 Is Finally Out Of Beta, Update Available Today

Today Apple held a keynote event in Cupertino where the company unveiled a new iPhone, iPad, and some new Apple Watch bands. Apple also decided to use today’s keynote to finally talk about the next version of  iOS, iOS 9.3. For a lot of us in the technology community, iOS 9.3 is nothing new as it has been available to beta test for months now. But for the general public, this is all new and exciting stuff. Despite this only being a point release, Apple decided to cram quite a bit of new features and improvements into iOS 9.3.

First up and arguably the biggest addition in iOS 9.3 is a new feature that Apple calls “Night Shift.” This feature uses your device to determine your location and when sunset is going to be. Then when it is sunset, your device display will automatically shift to the warmer side of the spectrum to reduce the amount of blue light that your eyes are exposed to at night. The reasoning behind this is because studies show that exposure to blue light at night can affect most people’s ability to fall asleep. Shifting the display of your device away from blue tones at night will supposedly eliminate this effect to some degree.

Apple’s Notes app is also getting a new security-focused feature in iOS 9.3. A lot of people like to keep some pretty personal information in their notes app just due to it being so easy. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of fragile information easily accessible and that’s not a good thing. Apple finally decided to address this issue by adding the option to require a passcode or fingerprint upon opening the Notes app. Users will now also be able to sort notes by the date they were created, modified, or alphabetically.

There are quite a bit of other new, smaller additions and improvements spread throughout iOS 9.3. Things like the improved “For You” section of the Apple News app and new 3D Touch shortcuts for some of Apple’s apps. Some changes Apple has yet to talk about, which leaves it up to us to use iOS 9.3 and find them on our own.

iOS 9.3 was just released to the public via an OTA update only moments ago. If you wish to get your iPhone updated, just head into your Settings app > General > Software Update. The update is a little over 300 MB and should not take all that long to download on most WiFi connections. Happy updating!

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