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Google Is Reportedly Working On Their Own Version Of The Amazon Echo

Google Is Reportedly Working On Their Own Version Of The Amazon Echo

The Information has today published a piece on Nest CEO Tony Fadell detailing the companies early struggles in creating their smart home thermostat, however in that piece, they revealed that Google is working on a rival to the Amazon Echo.

In case you missed it, the Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled personal assistant that can be used anywhere within the room it’s in without the need of any physical interaction. I know myself and several I know have been hoping that Google would jump on board with a similar product, and now it seems they are doing just that.

Nest asked to be included in a secret Google project to create a competitor to Amazon’s Echo, a voice-controlled personal assistant device, but the Google executive in charge of the project, which has not been reported on publicly until now, said Nest would not be involved in its development, according to a person with knowledge of the discussion.

Amazon’s attempts in this arena have been impressive to say the least, but by combining this concept with Google’s insanely powerful search engine and voice-recognition technology it could take the product category to a whole new level. Let’s also not forget the fact that Google’s version of this product would likely be a bit more open to third-party services compared to the Echo, which is more or less restricted to Amazon’s services a handful of third-party services which is expanding on a regular basis.

It’s entirely possible that Google could officially confirm this device at their annual I/O developer conference this May, however we don’t know when, or if, we’ll get hardware in the future.

Source: The Information Via: The Next Web

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