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How To Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into Your Own Amazon Echo

How To Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into Your Own Amazon Echo

In the week just gone, Amazon has released their own instructions on how to build yourself an Amazon Echo with your Raspberry Pi. The guide is on GitHub, and you will be using your Pi obviously, and other parts that you may have for your Pi. Let’s build a Pecho! (It’s not been named yet so lets call it that)

As well as your Raspberry Pi 2 you are going to need a USB microphone so your voice can be heard, Ethernet or a wireless connector, a USB speaker, and the rest of the stuff that comes with it such as the Micro SD Card, HDMI Cord, and Power Adaptor.

The project won’t take too long, and can be done without a fancy case to enclose the whole thing.

To say hello to Alexa on your Pi you need to install NOOBS on your Pi, followed by Raspbarian. Afterwards you’re going to need to SSH a bit, install a few programmes, and that’s really it. Sounds simple right? Not really. It seems to be a complicated process, but if you follow the GitHub guide you can easily complete the project within a few hours.

This is a really nifty little weekend project to start the transformation of your home into a smart home. It turns the $179.99 piece of equipment into something you can do with your $35 piece of hardware, which is great for us!

Source: Android Authority GitHub Page

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