Google Is Dropping Support For The Physical Google Wallet Card On June 30th

Remember the physical Google Wallet card that first came out a couple years ago? If not, I don’t blame you at all. Google launched this card a little over 2 years ago and it never card never really gained a ton of support aside from it’s early adopters and avid Wallet users. Furthermore, Google never made any money off of it in the first place, so it’s really not all that surprising that they’ve now decided it’s time to bring the program to a close.

In the latest Google Wallet for Android app, v14, the team over at Android Police revealed a message within the app’s code showing that Google is ending support for that physical card on June 30th. You’ll be able to request a new card or add/remove from your balance through May 1st, but following that date you’ll no longer to activate a card or exchange money to/from it. The message hidden within the app and an official announcement from Google themselves has yet to come out, but it’s likely not far away.

Source: Android Police
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