Plantronics RIG 500E Gaming Headphones Review

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Have you ever been obsessed with a new video game, or perhaps your favorite band’s latest album? In either scenario, you’ve probably caught yourself wearing a pair of headphones for long enough to where your ears hurt. I know I’ve been there, several times at least. Even my comfortable Audio-Technia ATH-M40x hurt over time, however with the RIG 500E gaming headphones from Plantronics, you’ll pretty much forget you’re wearing headphones in the first place.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the RIG 500E is a bit unique and personally, I’m a huge fan. The blue/grey/black color scheme looks great and the design, albeit a little big, works in just about any situation. I used these headphones in just about every situation between working at my day job, flying on an airplane, and of course hours and hours of playing online video games.

The weight of the 500E is by far its best feature. I have worn these headphones for hours at a time without ever feeling uncomfortable. I’ll even admit it, I was wearing these one day at work, had an itch on my ear, and forgot I was wearing the headphones until I went to scratch. Yeah, they’re that light.


The build quality is also fantastic. These headphones, while made entirely of plastic, don’t feel cheap by any means.

Build It The Way You Want

One of the biggest highlights of the RIG 500E is it’s modular design. By connecting and disconnecting pieces you’ll be able to get everything between a USB, open back studio gaming headphones to a standard wired headset with a closed back and and easy connection to your mobile device. The headphones come with everything you’ll need, two ear cups, two connectors, the headstrap, and the support piece. The best part? It’s all replaceable.


Sound Quality

I’m not exactly an audio file, but I do enjoy a good pair of headphones. I’m not a bass-junkie by any means, I prefer flat and accurate audio when I’m listening to music. That said, the audio quality from the RIG 500E, especially with the open back cups, is absolutely stellar. It’s rich and just sounds downright awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love my ATH-M40x, but if I’m not video editing, I’m always using the 500E.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I can’t recommend these headphones enough. They have great sound and build quality, a lightweight and insanely comfortable design, and both open-back and closed-back options available.

The retail price on these headphones falls at $149, but I’ve seen them priced as low as $100 on Amazon. At this price, they are absolutely worth it. If you can get them cheaper, don’t even hesitate to pick them up.

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