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Get A 20,000 mAh Power Bank For Just $23.99 With This Coupon Code

Get A 20,000 mAh Power Bank For Just $23.99 With This Coupon Code

Everyone needs a good power bank and with 20,000 mAh to spare, this one from Aukey keeps everything charged for days on end. With just one charge you can power up your phone or tablet 2-3 times at least without needing to fill back up. You can also charge 2 devices at once with dual-USB ports that offer a charging rate up to 2.4A, but the fun part is actually recharging the power bank itself.

Rather than just one charging port, this power bank features both microUSB and Lighting ports which allow you to charge the power bank at 2A, reducing the charging time by 50%.

Generally this power bank will cost around $30, but today through April 2nd you can save $7 and get it for $23. Simply use the coupon code NWZHTXMC at checkout to apply the savings. Aukey is also offering their gaming mouse for just $10 with the coupon code TDCNPX2T. Links are below for both products.

Aukey Power Bank Aukey Gaming Mouse

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