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Google Introduces A New Home Phone Service For Fiber Cities

Google Introduces A New Home Phone Service For Fiber Cities

Google Fiber is by far one of the most impressive internet services available today, but now they’re adding on to that in an interesting way. The new “Fiber Phone” offers families unlimited voice calls for just $10 a month. International calling is also available, but that will follow the same pricing guidelines as Google Voice does. Fiber Phone also works a lot like Google Voice in the way that it lives in the cloud. You’re able to access all the same phone calls from your phones and tablets as well as that home phone.

Google will also support transferring your old phone number to the service along with 911, call waiting, caller ID, and of course voice messages. You can also have those voice messages transcribed to a text message or email. Fiber Phone is only available in the same areas as standard Google Fiber service, but as that service expands, so will the phone service.

Whether it’s calling mom or ordering take-out, we rely on our phones to help reach the people and things that matter. And while mobile phones have pushed us toward the future, home phone service is still important to many families. Landlines can be familiar, reliable and provide high-quality service, but the technology hasn’t always kept up. That’s why today, we’re introducing Fiber Phone as a new option to help you stay connected wherever you are.

Source: Google Fiber

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