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Watch As The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro Survives Brutal Torture Without A Scratch

Watch As The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro Survives Brutal Torture Without A Scratch

I don’t know about you, but I tend to treat my phone with a lot of care. Why? Because one drop or slide could cause it to get scratched or cracked and basically make me hate myself. That’s the story with most phones today, however Xiaomi seems to have figured out how to make a phone that somehow doesn’t get damaged in situations where just about any other phone would.

In a cringe-worthy new video on their YouTube channel, Xiaomi puts their new Mi 5 Pro up against an arrangement of different tools and items including car keys, a file, a knife, multiple saws, a drill, and a Chinese man who’s enjoying his job way too much. Here’s the thing though, those items would destroy any normal phone, but the Mi 5 Pro survives without a single scratch.

So how does the phone survive through all of this? The Mi 5 Pro does feature a special ceramic design that is supposed to be very scratch resistant and durable, however this test seems like just a little bit of a stretch. I’d say there’s at least a bit of trickery in this video, but probably not too much. If there’s nothing fake about this, then my word Xiaomi, you need to make this phone available everywhere. What do you think?

Source: Xiaomi

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