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Enhance GX-K3 Keyboard – Mechanical Feel Without the Mechanical Price

Enhance GX-K3 Keyboard – Mechanical Feel Without the Mechanical Price

Mechanical keyboards are expensive. Most of us don’t feel like shelling out tons of money for a keyboard. But to some people, it’s a good decision. Well, there is an option for the majority. That option would be the Enhance GX-K3 Keyboard. Enhance has put together a hybrid keyboard that feels mechanical but doesn’t cost a fortune.

The most important thing a keyboard can convey is a sense of feedback. When you know you hit the right letter or the wrong one and you can feel it. That makes it easier to enjoy using the peripheral and makes for a good experience. Now, this keyboard is intended for gamers, so with the typing aspect out of the way, let’s move on to gaming.


For the time being, the most I used this keyboard for was Rocket League, which is a mechanically intense game, perfect for testing and getting a feel for the keyboard. Feedback was great while using it and only sometimes and not very often would I press a key and it didn’t register. But the body is based on aluminum giving it a good amount of weight. it’s also extremely thin, keeping a sleek profile. What’s pretty neat about this gaming keyboard is the fact that it’s backlit as well.


There are 3 primary colors for the backlight. you have a choice of Blue, Red, or Purple. You can also hit the function key and the light button at the same time to get a breathing effect. Now there are tons of extra buttons on this keyboard. it took me a little getting used to, but I finally figured out where everything is. You have the usual music control button and volume buttons, but then you have interesting ones built for gaming like the WASD toggle. If you hit the function key and W at the same time, you switch the WASD keys to the arrow keys so you can use those instead if you please.

One of my gripes with this gaming keyboard is the fact that you have to hit the function key if you want to control the volume. I wish there were dedicated keys for that. All in all though, I think this a great option for anyone who wants a hyrid gaming keyboard that’s backlit and has the versatility that it does, especially for $34.99.

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