Ottm’s Wood Watch Bands Launch On Indiegogo – Wood You Like A New Watch Band?

When I purchased my ASUS Zenwatch 2, I opted for the version with the silicone watchband. I just wanted to get the watch and I knew I could always swap out the band with something else.  I switched to a leather band and I was considering getting a metal band, but I haven’t settled on what style to get. Notice I did say that I was considering a metal band. I’m not any more. Why is that? Because now I want a band made out of wood. Yes. Wood. As in “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

I’m talking about Ottm. Ottm is a wood band for the Apple Watch, Pebble Watch, and Android Wear watch. There are some watches that will not work with Ottm, but basically any watch that can accept a 22mm watch band can use Ottm, so that would mean that it would even work on a conventional watch. Here is a list of compatible watches.

Ottm is currently in crowdfunding mode through Indiegogo through the end of April. The people behind Ottm wants to raise $7,000 and as of this writing, they’re already at $5,560. If they meet their goal, Ottm should be delivered by June of 2016.

Ottm would give you something unique and probably even a conversation starter. During the Indiegogo campaign, bands start at $25 and for $99 you can get all three styles of the bands.  I have my eye on “Sandalwood.”

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