Verizon Adding A New $20 Upgrade Charge Even If You Paid Full Price For Your Phone

When dealing with carriers, one thing is certain, fees. On any carrier you’ll deal with dozens of fees on a regular basis and Verizon is no different. Today however they’re adding a new fee with customer device upgrades. This new $20 fee is tacked onto your bill any time you upgrade your smartphone and SIM Card. If you keep the same SIM card, you won’t see this charge. However if you need a new SIM with your new device, you’ll need to pay this fee.

When buying a new device from Verizon, you’ll pay a $40 fee as usual, but this new $20 fee applies even when you’re using a paid in full and/or unlocked smartphone (i.e. Nexus 6P, Moto X Pure Edition). Verizon explains that they are doing this to “cover their costs”.

We are implementing an upgrade fee to help cover our increasing support costs associated with customers switching their devices.

All other US carriers also charge similar fees (except for T-Mobile). Regardless, this is just one more example of how messed up the US wireless industry is. Just another fee to add to the pile just because everyone else is doing it.

Via: Engadget
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