Vitamin Music Levitating Speaker Review

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Levitating speakers. Sounds like the future huh? Powered by a powerful electromagnetic base and a strong magnet. The future is now! The speaker is Bluetooth enabled, but you can also play music through the speaker via a standard AUX cable. This is great because if people don’t have a Bluetooth enabled device they can still play their music through a portable speaker.


The actual speaker is a small dome type structure, with LEDs around the device. The actual speaker hardware is covered by a wired metal cage, and looks like a professional microphone. At the back of the speaker is the Micro USB and AUX holes, as well as a switch which turns it on for Bluetooth mode, on for wired mode, and obviously off. The front of the device is home to four touch buttons embedded in the actual speaker. These buttons turn the volume up and down, toggle the lights, and toggle notifications which a cool feature for such a small speaker.


The base that the speaker hovers above is an electromagnet that looks like a large, thick frisbee or a UFO, and has a blue ring around it that lights up with power. All in all, it looks like something you might find out of Tron! It packs a lot of weight with it for a product of that size, but it does have a nice finish so that is not too big a deal.

A nifty feature I found while using the speaker is that the magnet in the speaker will stick to anything like a normal magnet. This is cool if you want to stick to something while you’re out like a surface in your friend’s house, or the handles to the steps to your pool (don’t splash it!).

The speaker is stuck to my white board!
The speaker is stuck to my white board!

Specs & Battery Life

  • Bluetooth v2.1 – 17ft connection distance
  • 73x73x96mm (speaker)
  • 150mmx50mm (base)
  • 295g (speaker)

The battery will last for about 8 hours, and it takes about an hour or two to charge. It packs a 900 mAh battery, so is not bad for a small Bluetooth speaker with LED. The speaker only uses about 5v for charging, but the base’s adaptor is 15v. The speaker comes with a US adaptor, but is a DC cord so can be used with another plug unit, or you could use another DC cord with the same power.


The audio from the speaker is quite high quality. It is not as good as you can buy, but this is not a speaker from a major brand, and is not made to be top-of-the-range quality.

The audio is crisp and clear. I am a fan of the sound from this speaker because the speaker boasts 3D sound. 3D sound is a feature that not many speakers have. It is because the speaker has full 360 degree output due to it not being enclosed, this means that you can hear the sound just as well from anywhere in the room, which is awesome!

Playing music is fine with the speaker and that’s what speakers are for obviously. But when it comes to podcasts or using it while watching videos, film, or TV; the speaker disappoints. When new sentences start the speaker jumps over the first word which is not good. Apart from this there is no lag that I have experienced.


The product proves hard to actually levitate. It takes a lot of practice to set up and can be frustrating. This is not ideal, but with the technology it can’t be helped. Once you get the knack for it, it is really easy, and is great to show off to your friends.


This speaker is a really good speaker with some great specs. Sure it’s not perfect and has some flaws, but for the price it’s great!

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