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Kito+ – Heart Monitor | #GSL16

Kito+ – Heart Monitor | #GSL16

Yesterday when I went to the Gadget Show Live, I saw loads of really cool gadgets which are shaping the future. The Kito+ by Azoi caught my eye.

The Kito+ developed by the new company Azoi is a new health and fitness monitor designed specifically to give you information about your heart and blood.

The Kito+ has two ECG sensors (the silver discs) for an accurate ECG chart on the companion app. There is a skin temperature sensor, a heart rate sensor, and a blood oxygen sensor. After a scan lasting about 30 seconds with your index and middle fingers on each of the sensors, the companion app neatly shows you your blood oxygen, heart rate, skin temperature, ECG, and respiration rate.

This is me using the Kito+ with all the sensors.

This is me using the Kito+ with all the sensors.

The Kito companion app is very well laid out, and after each scan you are given an option to save or dismiss your results. If you choose to save them it shows you each of your scans for every day which is a great feature because it means you can easily compare results from an undefined amount of time. The results of the scan sync instantaneously via bluetooth which is automatically connected as soon as you turn the Kito+ on as long as you’re in the app.

Now, you may be wondering what the Kito+ might be used for. It may seem quite useless and like another new toy to you. But you’re wrong. The Kito+ shows you vital information about your heart and blood that can be used by the average consumer to see if you’re generally healthy or not. Even better yet, doctors can tell patients to use these units to monitor their heart and blood if they have issues with these. It can be used to check patterns and the irregularity of an irregular hear beat. It can be used to see how well the heart is performing with the ECG graph. It can show if your skin is too hot, or too cold. It can even show you if you’re breathing too much or not enough. It can show you if there is enough oxygen pumping around your body which is useful to know if you are having issues with muscles because they might not be getting enough oxygen. The Kito+ is actually really useful.

The Kito+ is very thin indeed. At current my daily driver is a Nexus 5, and the Kito+ is about a third of the thickness of the Nexus 5. This is extremely impressive for a device with so much power.

The Kito+ is designed specifically to go in a case for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus, and cases for the smartphones are included with the Kito+ with a hole for where the large health scanner goes. The Kito+ can be used without the cases and without an iPhone, the Kito+ works perfectly well with Android devices.

The Kito+ is fitted with bluetooth 4.0 which is why the scan results are delivered to the app so quickly.

The Kito+ is charged with a magnetic male adaptor to the female part on the Kito+, in which a standard Micro USB cable is used. Once fully charged, the Kito+’s battery will last for about 2 months, but you can track the battery of the Kito+ in the companion app.

At the moment Azoi is only selling the Kito+s in the UK, and you can only buy the devices on the Azoi website as of now. Whether Azoi expands to other companies is hopeful, but the company and product are both new.

The Kito+ is a great device for health care monitoring and is affordable by coming in at just £99. The device can be used by the average consumer and by doctors for patients. The Kito+ is a major advancement in medical science, and at such an affordable price the device is great. Combined with standard technologies you find in medical devices for the home, we now have a very professional piece of healthcare equipment.

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