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What’s Cuter than Puppies Unboxing the LG G5? Probably Nothing

What’s Cuter than Puppies Unboxing the LG G5? Probably Nothing

So the LG G5 was finally released at the end of last week, and while we’re hearing there’s a lot of quality control issues, LG did a wonderful job of packing up the device. They included the G5 and the other new accessories that were announced alongside in a nature-y looking box. What Verizon has done in their latest PR stunt was instead of having normal people unbox the device, or unbox in in a weird setting like underwater, they let a litter of puppies do all the work. Cute.

Yes the cuteness is overload when Big Red released the puppies in a playpen and let them all paw the G5 and it’s friends in an attempt to “unbox” it. Sure most of it was likely staged and set up just right, like the G5 cam on top of the dog treat, but nevertheless you do get to learn some of the features of the LG G5. You also get to see all the accessories that Verizon has to offer with the G5 in case you’re on the verge of getting the new device.

The video, shown below, most likely isn’t for most readers of the site that want to know all the technicalities of the G5 and others, but it’s a break from the mundane that we see every day. So take a break from the machinery and check out Verizon and their cute pups show off the new G5 and Friends. It’s extra cute that one of the puppies looks like my dog…

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