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How To Enable Adoptable Storage On The Galaxy S7 Edge

How To Enable Adoptable Storage On The Galaxy S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 Edge is an amazing phone, if you hadn’t read our review yet check it out here. Samsung brought a bunch of features to this device, and one of the most desirable ones is the inclusion of a microSD card slot for extra storage. Now not only is simply having access to external memory but being able to turn that external memory into internal memory, can be even better. Thanks to adoptable storage in Android Marshmallow, this is easy to do, however Samsung removed it on the S7 out of the box.

This process of having the device treat the external storage as internal storage is called adopting storage. Adoptable storage is likely best used for phones with small internal memory but can also be used for the Galaxy S7 Edge — and other devices with at least Android Marshmallow. The procedure to turn this ‘feature’ on was discovered by Paul O’Brien over at Modaco.

All you have to do is have ADB setup on your computer, and a microSD card already in your Galaxy S7/Edge then you’re all ready to go. Just open terminal and type these 3 commands to fully convert your microSD card into internal storage.

1. adb shell
2. sm list-disks
3. sm partition disk:[disk name] private

The only downside about this is that since your microSD card is being considered as part of internal storage, you won’t be able to remove it or things WILL crash — I’ve experienced this first hand. So, it really just helps you have increased space on your phone and likely have it faster than a normally treated microSD card.

Are you going to try it with your S7 Edge? It hasn’t made much difference to my usage since I don’t normally use SD card in general, but I can think of a few situation where adoptable storage can excel. Let me know down below and you can also go watch my video of me setting this up in action.

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